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10 Reasons It Sucks to Lose ‘Stephen Colbert’


Doug Miles interviews me on Is Satire Saving Our Nation?

Radio host Doug Miles interviews me for his podcast on Is Satire Saving Our Nation? Doug Miles Media

Check out my interview on Is Satire Saving Our Nation? with syndicated radio host Jeff Schechtman

“We live in an ironic age. The speed of modern communication, juxtaposed with the traditional entrenched problems we face, provides a disconnect that only humor can bridge.” Check out the rest at Jeff Schechtman’s “Sp…

Sophia A. McClennen works on the intersections between culture, politics, and society. Her books focus on cultural responses to complex social change, such as the connections between the satire of Stephen Colbert and post 9/11 politics or the exile writing of Ariel Dorfman and dictatorship in 1970s Latin America.