Cover for Pranksters vs. Autocrats Cover for Trump Was a Joke
Sophia A. McClennen
Sophia A. McClennen works on the intersections between culture, politics and society. Her books focus on cultural responses to complex social change, such as satire and contemporary politics or the power of storytelling in advancing human rights. She is professor of international affairs and comparative literature at Penn State University and founding director of the Center for Global Studies and has a regular column with

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Hasan Minhaj and the New Yorker: Who decided comedy needed fact-checking?

Hasan Minhaj’s embellishments arguably serve a larger purpose. What purpose is served by destroying his career?

Sick of Trump? Try laughing at him

We are sick of Donald Trump. Totally and completely sick of hearing his voice, seeing his image, and watching his latest idiotic, sinister move. We are sick of his hold on the GOP, his incessant need for attention, and his bullying, bigoted swagger.

We are over him. Done. Ready to move on.

How to Sharpen a Nonviolent Movement

In the past three decades nonviolent social protest has become the most reliable path to democracy. However, not all nonviolent mobilization campaigns succeed. To examine why some nonviolent campaigns are more successful than others, we analyze…

“Taking sides is not my job”: “Retrograde” filmmaker Matthew Heineman on documenting a war's end

Salon talks to Matthew Heineman about his new film about the final days of the U.S. War in Afghanistan

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