Sophia A. McClennen

Comparative Cultural Studies and Latin America

Cover for Comparative Cultural Studies and Latin America
Publisher: Purdue University Press
ISBN: 9781557533586
This volume’s genesis stems from the contributors’ conviction that, given its vitality and excellence, Latin American literature deserves a more prominent place in comparative literature publications, curricula, and disciplinary discussions. The editors introduce the volume arguing, first, that there still exists, in some quarters, a lingering bias against literature written in Spanish and Portuguese and, second, that by embracing Latin American literature and culture more enthusiastically, comparative literature would find itself reinvigorated, placed into productive discourse with a host of issues, languages, literatures, and cultures that have too long been paid scant academic attention.
“In this new collection of essays, some of which read like manifestos, Sophia A. McClennen and Earl E. Fitz attempt to rectify the persistent and altogether unwarranted tendencies among some comparatists of privileging European literatures (especially those written in English, French, and German), as well as classifying Latin American literature written in Spanish and Portuguese as “peripheral” and therefor not nearly as worthy of study. The twelve essays represent a wide range of investigation and critical inquiry into Latin American literature, and will undoubtedly spark debate—and perhaps self-examination—among comparatists.”
— Daniel John Nappo, Univeristy of Tennessee at Martin in Hispania vol. 88 no. 4, 2005, 771-73.
“In this essential, and soon-to-be controversial, volume, Sophia A. McClennen and Earl Fitz have gathered together some of the most important and eloquent scholars working in the US and Canadian academy today.”
— Debra Castillo, Cornell University