Sophia A. McClennen

Pranksters vs. Autocrats

Cover for Pranksters vs. Autocrats
Publisher: Cornell UP
ISBN: 9781501756061

Do you want to overthrow a dictator, expose political corruption, or advance democratic goals? Pranksters vs. Autocrats presents a proven method to help advance the goals of non-violent activists. We offer in-depth analysis and a how-to guide to dilemma actions – a tactic that helps put political opponents in a lose-lose situation and gain visibility for your movement. Non-violent activists have long known that dilemma actions are especially effective, but this is the first book to offer empirical data to prove how and why dilemma actions work.

From Gandhi’s Salt March to the Arab Spring and from Estonia’s Laughing Revolution to local activism in sub-Saharan Africa, this book offers readers a diverse array of forty-four case studies that have shaped popular struggles for democracy and a wide range of human rights struggles across the globe. As you read this, we’ll explain how and why dilemma actions work and how to think like an effective organizer. If you already are an organizer, you’ll learn how to design actions that are fun, funny, and effective. Most importantly, you’ll learn about the power of creativity and wit in some of most important social change struggles of the last century.