Satire has influence in politics

Kaitlyn Zurcher of The Daily Collegian covers Colbert’s America here.

“;Democracy, Satire And Stephen Colbert”

Media Post’s Fern Siegel writes: “;Sounding like the president of Colbert Nation, McClennen makes a thoughtful, well-researched case for concluding his satire is ‘redefining the parameters of political dissent.’”

How to Get Stephen Colbert

Listen to my interview with Jim Donavan, Morning News Anchor for WSYR FM 106.9 here.

​”Satire never tells you what to think.”

Quoted alongside Al Franken in John Rash’s “;Laughing at, but not with, our politicians” for the Star Tribune.

Academic Goes Deep on Colbert

Is Politico’s Patrick Gavin* *trying to get me on *The Colbert Report? *Check out his piece here.

Radio interview on Colbert’s America with Angel Clark

I spoke with Angel Clark for Radio Freedom on July 30.   Listen to the interview here.

Studying Stephen Colbert. Seriously, Funny

Check out Gail Shister’s piece on Colbert’s America for TV Newser

Am I a Colbert Coddler?

Looks like we annoyed Newsbusters enough to get a piece by its publisher and the founder of the Media Research Center.

Truthinessology: The Stephen Colbert effect becomes an obsession in academia

*Colbert’s America *is mentioned in this piece by Paul Farhi for the *Washington Post. *

Video: McClennen on Colbert’s America

Penn State Comparative Literature Luncheon Lecture, January 23, 2012: The Art of Stephen Colbert