McClennen interviewed on Australian decision to withrdaw its embassy from Afghanistan

Dr. McClennen highlights how the Australian decsion to withdaraw its embassy from Afghanistan after it had been fighting in the country for 20 years will create more instability.

McClennen Featured in CNN's The Story of Late Night

McClennen was featured as part of a CNN six part series on the history of Late Night comedy.

McClennen and Popovic do Democracy Works podcast on their new book.

At a time when democracy is in retreat around the world, it can be difficult to find the motivation to keep movements going. Our guests this week offer a framework for effective nonviolent organizing by trapping authority figures between a rock and a hard place.

Srjda Popovic and Sophia A. McClennen have appeared on Democracy Works separately and are now joining forces to apply a research framework to dilemma actions, a nonviolent organizing tactic that works by capitalizing on a belief that’s commonly held by the public but not supported by those in power. Listen to the podcast here.

McClennen Keynotes for the Comparative Literature Special Section of NEMLA

McClennen spoke at the North Eastern Modern Language Association on her recent book on Latin American Cinema and globalization. Her talk offered an overview of a 25-year interdisciplinary project that used the case study of Latin American Cinema to offer a revised critical paradigm for how we understand the effects of globalization on cultural production. It offered insights into how to effectively use empirical research methods, interdisciplinary approaches and humanistic perspectives to offer concrete and meaningful theories about culture and power.

McClennen and Popovic share their new book with Young Professionals in Foreign Policy

YPFP works to build the next generation of diverse foreign policy leaders. McClennen and Popovic joined them to talk about their new book, Pranksters vs Autocrats, and to share the next steps in their research.

McClennen keynotes the Duke-UNC Latin American Film festival

McClennen featured as a keynote speaker for the North Carolina Latin American Film Festival. Check out the full schedule here.

PSU's Sustainability Showcase Series features McClennen speaking on new book.

The Sustainability Showcases make connections between faculty research, personal and professional interest and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals while broadening the discourse surrounding sustainability. McClennen was invited to speak about her new book, Pranksters vs. Autocrats, and the implications it has for achieving the UN Development Goals.

SIA Faculty Spotlight on Dr. McClennen's new book

Professor Sophia McClennen discusses her new book, Pranksters vs. Autocrats, and what her findings reveal about the effectiveness of protest movements. She explains protest tactics such as dilemma actions and “laughtivism.” This book was a collaboration between Dr. McClennen and nonviolent activist Srdja Popovic.

New Book! Pranksters vs Autocrats with Srdja Popovic

Pranksters vs Autocrats: Why Dilemma Actions Advance Nonviolent Activism— a collaboration with Serbian activist Srdja Popovic –will be out in October and will be free as en e-book.  It is available for pre-order now.

McClennen interviewed on Islamophobia in the 2020 Election.

McClennen joins a panel to discuss the mainstreaming of Islamophobia in the 2020 elections for Scope hosted by Waqar Rizvi for @indusdotnews.