McClennen featured on Life Lessons

Interviewed by Rick Tocquigny for Life Lessons on satire, politics and the health of our democracy. Listen to the interview here.

McClennen joins Srdja Popovic for a leacture on Laughtivism and the Power of Satire

The College Arts & Humanities Institute at Indiana University is delighted to host a discussion with Serbian activist Srdja Popovic and acclaimed scholar Sophia McClennen on the contemporary power and functions of political satire. Details here.

McClennen at the McCourtney Institute for Democracy

McClennen to present on her new book project “Trump is  Joke: Why Satire Makes Sense When Politics Doesn’t” on February 20 at 3pm. More details here.

McClennen to present at the Johns Hopkins Foreign Affairs Symposium

McClennen joins a line up including Samantha Power and Chelsea Manning at the Johns Hopkins Foreign Affairs Symposium for Spring 2018. More details here

Backstage with Neil deGrasse Tyson

I was thrilled to have a chance to appear on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s show Startalk along with comedian Adam Conover for an episode on Stephen Colbert. Check it out here.

McClennen hosts Bassem Youssef

I was thrilled to have a chance to host an event at Penn State with Bassem Youssef and Sara Taksler, director of the documentary about Bassem–Tickling Giants.

Backstage with Jordan Klepper

I was able to attend a taping of The Opposition on January 3–and got a chance to say hi to Jordan Klepper after the show.  Look for my interview with him later this month.

Backstage with Michael Moore

I went to see Michael Moore’s new Broadway show, “The Terms of My Surrender” and I got to say hi backstage after the show. Read the Salon piece I wrote after seeing the show here.

McClennen interviewed for NPR San Francisco

I was a guest on NPR affiliate KPFA-FM/San Francisco CA with Living Room to talk about free speech on college campuses. Listen to the interview here.

German newspaper SZ interviews McClennen on satire and Trump

Read the interview in German here.