WPSU Reviews Colbert’s America

Daniel Mallinson reviews Colbert’s America: Satire and Democracy for WPSU, our local NPR affiliate. Listen in here.

Human Rights and Literature

Alexandra  Schultheis Moore and I have just received a contract to edit the Routledge Companion to Human Rights and Literature.  The volume will have approximately 50 essays and will be framed as a must-have volume for those interested in the field.  See other volumes in the series here.

Is Colbert saving US democracy?

Listen to this interview with Eleanor Hall from ABC News (AU) on Colbert’s America and US democracy.

Satire is shaping the next generation of American citizens

Penn State Live covers Colbert’s America.

Cronk News Debut Podcast!

Leah Wescott of Cronk News interviewed me for the debut podcast for “;Fridays are Satiredays“;.

Canada Covers Colbert’s America

Alex Strachan for Canadian news on political comedy, the election, and young voters at Canada.com, The Edmonton Journal, and The Vancouver Sun.

Colbert Makes Citizenship Fun: The Philly Inquirer Review

Alexander Heffner writes* “;Colbert’s America* is a book for citizens of every creed who believe we are all entrusted with piloting American democracy.”

Colbert's America is a smart book.

Peter Bart from *Variety *on Colbert’s new book and mine.

Comedians Take Bigger Role in Political Scene

Watch this interview with me for The Wall street Journal Live on the upcoming Stewart v. O’Reilly debate.

Stephen Colbert “;makes political participation enjoyable.”

Q&A with Sophia A. McClennen on ‘Colbert’s America: Satire and Democracy’ with Kris Kitto for The Hill.