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Fear My Rubber Duck!

McClennen and Popovic write a piece drawn from their new book for Tea After Twelve.

Trevor Noah's wit is an effective weapon against white supremacy and defense of police violence

There is nothing funny about police violence. But Noah’s satire exposes the racism and stupidity supporting it.

Rush Limbaugh’s toxic patriotism will be his worst legacy

Rush Limbaugh might be dead, but his brand of toxic patriotism lives on. Read the piece here.

Don’t Fight the Fascists. Laugh at Them.

McClennen and Popovic write about their research on how the best way to fight fascists is to laugh at them.

Trump's sore winners make even worse losers

Trump and his fans have had a chip on their shoulder since they won in 2016. His loss will turn it into a boulder. My latest piece for Salon explores the problems his base will have accepting reality. Check it out here.

A field guide to the pandemic deniers

Disinformation and immaturity regarding COVID-19 has manifested in a variety of forms. Check out the piece here

How late night comedy shows are making sense of absurd and reckless coronavirus responses

COVID-19 isn’t funny. But making fun of dangerous and stupid political and public responses is important.

Why we need serious Trump jokes: From SNL to Colbert, comedians make sense out of impeachment

Once again it is the satirists who are best equipped to make sense of Trump nonsense.  The more of a serious joke Trump becomes the more we need to seriously joke about him. Read more here.

6 Lessons from Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 11/9″

Moore’s new film is filled with surprises.  Here are the top six.

McClennen Reviews Michael Moore's New Film

Michael Moore’s terrifying “Fahrenheit 11/9″: Trump is the symptom, not the disease.