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Greed is not good: Will the Trump team disasters finally put an end to the businessman myth?

The idea that businessmen are better equipped to run the country is why our nation is poised for catastrophe.

Is dead Donald Trump funny? Understanding gallows humor in the Trump era

There’s never been a president who so thoroughly invites mockery, but not all Trump jokes are equally funny.

This is what democracy looks like: Why Black Lives Matter is a struggle to save our democracy

Documenting the Ferguson uprising, the film “Whose Streets?” is a powerful account of the future of black activism.

Trump’s Muslim travel ban is a win for ISIS: This must-see film about Syrian journalists shows why

“City of Ghosts” is a powerful corrective to the notion of a travel ban as an effective way to make the U.S. safer. Read the full piece here.

We mourn Manchester, but not Kabul

In biased media coverage of non-Western terror attack victims, the sense of personal tragedy is mostly absent. Read the full piece here.

Why is Donna Brazile still emailing me? The tone-deaf DNC has no credibility

It may be fun to watch the Trump team get implicated in Russia hacks, but the DNC has its own deplorables. Read the full article here.

Bill O’Reilly ruined the news

Bill O’Reilly may be out at Fox News, but we will be feeling the impact of his show for a long time. This piee describes 10 ways he and Fox News harassed us all. Read the full piece at Salon.

Why political satire is the antidote to Trumpism

I was interviewed by Carlos Maza for this Vox video on how satire is doing a better job than the media covering Trump. Check it out.

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”: Understanding anger in the Donald Trump era

We hear we need to stop being angry. We hear we need to keep being angry.  In truth, we need to learn to do both. Read the full piece here.

#NoDAPL' is #NativeLivesMatter: The protests at Standing Rock are not only about environmentalism, they’re about racism

The Dakota Access Pipeline needs to be seen as a symptom of the systemic racism inflicted upon Native Americans.  Read the full piece here.