Sophia A. McClennen

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Academic witch hunts are back: The new McCarthyism, a sign of the stupidity of the post-truth era

A new watch list targets “lefty” professors. It would be sad and silly if it weren’t so frightening. Read the full piece here.

I’m with stupid: The entire 2016 election has been an insult to our intelligence

Donald Trump isn’t the only one to lie with impunity. Logic, facts and intelligence are the losers in this election. Read the full piece here.

Is this how our Free Press dies? How our 45th president could spell the end of an independent Fourth Estate

Freedom of the Press in the U.S. has been hobbled ever since 9/11 — the election of Donald Trump may just kill it. Read the full piece here.

Like a double dose of Dubya: Donald Trump’s presidency will be like the George W. Bush disaster — only worse

The Trump White House already resembles a far more extreme version of the disastrous Bush administration. Read the full piece here.

The press has not done its job: 3 ways the media has failed our democracy in covering the election

It’s not just Fox News — mainstream news organizations have betrayed the public’s trust this election season. Read the article in Salon here.

The system really is rigged: Why “winner-take-all” voting is killing our democracy

The Electoral College makes it virtually impossible for a third party to challenge the system. Read the full article in Salon here.

“The Daily Show” is dead to me: Trevor Noah will never, ever be good at his job

We no longer expect Noah to be Jon Stewart. But the show has gone edgeless and dull just when we need it the most.

Bernie Sanders is not a sore loser: Our democracy is screwed unless we fix the unfair rules

Talking about reforming our undemocratic election rules is how we make the system stronger.

Maybe Donald Trump has really lost his mind

We’ve become familiar with his ramblings, and at ease mocking them. But they might be the sign of someone unwell. Isn’t it worth finding out?

The unexpected side effect of Hillary 2016: How she transformed Democrats into “new” Republicans

The Clinton campaign has drained many of the ideals Democrats have long stood for.