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Why millennials love Bernie Sanders: This is what Trump, Hillary — and Chris Matthews — don’t understand about how politics has changed

The media condescends to Sanders the same way it does to millennials. Maybe that’s why he gets their concerns.

I dared criticize Fox News and speak up for Samantha Bee

This is how the right roared back at me.

“You’re probably a Lesbian but if you have any kids I hope they die in the next Islamic terror attack,” I was told.

McClennen introduces Bernie Sanders at Penn State.

Bernie Sanders held a rally at Rec Hall at Penn State on Tuesday, April 19 and I had the honor of introducing him. Check out the speech here.

Fox News Stupidly Tries to Slime Samantha Bee

It’s true. Fox News has a satire news show. It is so proud of it that it airs at 3am.  Here’s the story of how it went after Full Frontal and failed.

Michael Moore could have died last week: “Trying to get back to just breathing is enough of a burden”

Moore got severely ill with pneumonia and clearly feared the worst. Now he’s trying to save his best film in years.

There’s no beating Megyn Kelly: What Donald Trump should have learned from her Fox News interview with Michael Moore

Trump won’t debate because he thinks Fox News anchor is biased. He clearly didn’t watch her Michael Moore interview.

Sarah Palin’s American lobotomy: The Republicans keep making us dumber, and not even Stephen Colbert can save us

We know the GOP is angry. The bigger problem is that it’s stupid. And like rage, the idiocy flows down from the top. It is time to take seriously the role that stupidity is playing in shaping GOP politics.

Michael Moore might save Flint: Moore, Jon Stewart, John Oliver keep proving satirists get more done than politicians

Jon Stewart got results for 9/11 responders. Moore got action over Flint’s toxic water. Big wins for comic activism. Read more here.

What the media can learn from Bill Maher: 1 year after Charlie Hebdo attack, satirists still taking risks news outlets won’t

Irony, snarky comedy and satire still remain our best weapons against political folly and media spectacle.  Read the full piece [here](Irony, snarky comedy and satire still remain our best weapons against political folly and media spectacle ).

They created our Bundy/Trump hellscape: Fox News’ angry white audience will destroy us yet

47 percent of Fox viewers get all their news there. They are horribly misinformed. And we wonder why Trump leads?