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Donald Trump has made us all a**holes: How 2016 has coarsened us all into Fox News jerks

Trump is polarizing, yes, but the real problem is that he’s making us all obnoxious. Don’t let the terrorist win. Read the rest here.

Fox News’ new war on truth: This is why Donald Trump and GOP field get away with lies

Stephen Colbert defined “truthiness” for lies of the Bush era. They’ve gone to a whole new level in 2016 race.  Read the full piece at Salon here.

How pervasive anti-millennial sentiment has hurt the cause of student protesters

Building on anti-millennial rhetoric, student protesters have been described as overreacting, hysterical, entitled and coddled.

But the critiques and characterizations of the student protesters actually aren’t grounded in any sort of reality. Instead, public response to student protests has been largely based on anecdote, intolerance and a failure to recognize the very real challenges students face today.

Republicans Just Don't Get Stephen Colbert: Why the Fox News-Watching, Climate Change-Denying Crowd Can't Understand Complex Satire

Colbert’s ratings are down. Republicans are crowing they won’t watch him. Indeed, they are afraid to be challenged.

Lets Listen to Bill Maher on Paris Religion and Race Maher Walks a Fascinating and Tricky Line

He’s not always right, but Maher’s posing provocative questions, and answering them with intelligence, consistency.

Trevor Noah has cratered “The Daily Show”: He has no bite, no message — and has let Fox News off the hook

Jon Stewart created a national treasure. Noah has dulled its knife, weakened the satire, let the powerful run free.

Michael Moores Gutsy New Film: Our Military Has Not Won a War Since World War II

Look out: Moore’s new film opens with assertion sure to inflame the right, then suggests we “invade” for good ideas

Coddled College Kids Arent the Problem the Lies About Them Are

Last week, The Washington Post published yet another piece on coddled college students, but this time the blame was on colleges themselves instead of on overprotective parents. 

Larry David Saved Bernie Sanders Snl Impression Made Him Human Likable After a Rough Debate With Hillary Clinton

David’s Bernie will be the opposite of Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin. It’s a good impression that leaves a good impression