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McClennen interviewed by Edward Helmore for *The Guardian* on what comes next after Jon Stewart.

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McClennen interviewed by Jon McComb on CKNW Vancouver about Stewart's final episode.

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Twitter won the GOP debate: A fitting tribute to Jon Stewart, who made citizen-satirists of us all

When GOP freakshow and Stewart’s final “Daily Show” converged on the same night, magic was bound to happen.

Jon Stewart’s real threat to Fox News: You don’t get to define patriotism!

Post-9/11, critiquing the right meant you hated the country. Stewart was the perfect foil for that false patriotism

Jon Stewart conquered Fox News: Essential highlights from “The Daily Show’s” 16-years of truth-telling

The most important American satirist, ever? Take that Ben Franklin and Mark Twain – Stewart comes in at No. 1

Fox News wore Jon Stewart down: How 16 years of debunking right-wing lies exhausted the last honest man

Stewart is stepping aside because he’s exhausted by our petty, dangerous politics. Now we’re really screwed.

Stephen Colbert roars back: Donald Trump evisceration suggests GOP clown car in for a world of hurt

Afraid we were in trouble without Stewart and Colbert’s truth-telling? A brilliant Trump takedown shows otherwise

Jerry Seinfeld’s new bizarro world: The sadness of watching a genius age into Bill O’Reilly

On “Seinfeld,” Jerry’s lack of self-awareness was part of the joke. Now it’s become the tragedy

Jon Stewart vs Sean Hannity: We all know who the real “sanctimonious jackass” is

Oh, how funny it is when a Fox News blowhard tries to take down “The Daily Show” and just embarrasses himself.

McClennen speaks on a panel on “Debt Deliberations: Structural, institutional, Financial” at the Center for Place, Culture, and Politics at CUNY's Graduate Center May 11.

Panel: Debt Deliberations: Structural, Institutional, Financial, May 11th, 2015

This year the Center for Place, Culture and Politics has been thinking on, through, and beyond debt in its many manifestations. There has been a lot of work on debt in recent times, not least because it has come to dominate so many aspects of our lives. This panel will focus on several core aspects of contemporary debt and how it might be creatively engaged. Are the scales of debt a key to the ways in which it may be canceled?

Read the rest at The Center for Place Culture and Politics